The scale of

Kumbh 2019

The largest ever human religious gathering in the history of the planet.

World Record

Gathering of 15 Crore people in an unprecedented event.


Recognized the Kumbh mela as an intangible cultural heritage of humankind.


From 187 countries, with over 200 delegates.


From 12 different countries in the spirit of inclusion and diversity.

Guinness World Record at Kumbh

Kumbh Mela 2019, Prayagraj

Longest Parade of Buses

Guinness World Record for the ‘largest parade of buses’. A total of 500 buses used to cover a 3.2 km in Kumbh.

The Handprint Painting

Guinness world record for most contribution to a handprint printing in 8 hours at the Kumbh Mela 2019, Prayagraj.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Guinness Book of World Records for the largest sanitation drive, when 10,000 of them got together for a three-minute cleaning drive.

Time Lapse Video

Take a virtual journey to the Triveni Sangam through India’s pop-up city. Witness a normal day at Kumbh. More than 15 crore or 150 million visitors are estimated to have taken this journey during Kumbh 2019.


Nishchay Jain

I am Nishchay Jain, traveller by heart and creative by the mind, a passionate photographer in making. It’s all about being creative it took me some time to realise that in which part of this amazing world.

Kumbh Day View

The daytime is when the snaan happens at the Kumbh Mela. It is a kaleidoscope of colours, almost simulating the grand festival of Holi all over the tent city.

Kumbh Night View

The night time at Kumbh is a brilliantly lit up firmament, aerial shots reveal that it almost simulates the other important festival of Diwali that clads the tent city in light.

Did you know?

The total budget allocated for the event is over twice the budget allocated for the previous Kumbh mela.

The money is being allocated for infrastructure, security, transportation, medical aid, surveillance, crowd management, hospitality and several more associated functions.

The first ever DIGITAL KUMBH

Artificial Intelligence

Employed for crowd management and control.

Water ATMs

Dispensing machines to ensure availability of drinking water.

Command and Control

Advanced Command and control centres for security and logistics.

Digital Signages

Over 2000 digital signages for navigation and assistance.

CCTV Cameras

Over 1000 cameras for monitoring and surveillance of the mela sites.

Online Outreach

Kumbh being digitally branded and promoted on online channels.

Did you know?

4,200 Premium Tents

With 20,000 beds for tourists and 84 parkings.

1,22,000 Toilets

Alongwith 15,000 sanitation workers and 20,000 dustbins.

600 kms of roads

With 524 shuttle buses and thousands of CNG autos.

40 firefighting stations

40 police stations, 40 watch towers and 15 fire out posts.

2,00,000 plants

Alongwith 2000 Ganga Praharis as foot soldiers.

40,700 LED lamps

With 54 temporary sub stations, 105km HT line and 1,050km LT lines.

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