Ramayana Ballet Hindu Indonesia University Bali Indonesia

On the Occasion of Kumbh Mela 2019 at Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh India.

Date: 10th January 2019, Bharadwaj Stage

Ramayana Ballet is a traditional performing arts work from a combination of Balinese drama, music and dance. This performance art collaboration puts forward a scene that takes place in the Ramayana story. This Ramayana Ballet is accompanied by harmony music which we call gamelan (Gong Kebyar). The Gamelan has been very popular in Bali Indonesia. Every moment in the Ramayana scenes is expressed in the language of dance or the movements of traditional Balinese dance patterns.

Ramanaya Ballet has been very well known (the 1970s to the present) in entertainment performing arts in Bali. Even for the consumption of tourism, this show has become popular.

In this performance, the Ramayana Ballet presents the episode of Sitha being kidnapped. The story started from the holy love between  Rama and Sitha. Rama, Sitha, and Laksamana are living peacefully in a Forest. Rahwana, The King of Alengka is infatuated with the beauty of Sita,  planning to kidnap her and ordering Marica to transform himself into a golden deer to attract the attention of Sita.

Knowing that Sitha was being protected by  Rama and Laksamana, Marica finally worked on turning himself into a golden deer. The aim was to divert the attention of the Rama. The strategy turned out to attract Sitha’s attention and told Rama and Laksamana to catch the deer.

The benign deer approached Rama, Sitha, and Laksamana, but then jumped into the forest. Sitha who was so interested in having it,  then begged Rama to capture the golden deer. After ordering Laksamana to keep his wife, Rama then went after the deer into the forest. Sitha and Laksamana were waiting for Rama with worry, suddenly hearing Rama scream for help from the forest.  It was Marica engineering.  Sitha asked Laksamana to help Rama, but he was refusing Sitha’s orders as he believed in the potence of Rama’s powers. Sitha was angry and accused Laksamana of betraying his brother.

Finally, Laksamana relented to fulfill Sitha’s request. He made a circle of protection around Sitha and advised Sitha not to come out of it.

Rahwana changed his form to become a priest who pretended to ask for some meals. Even though the priest was blocked by the magical ring of fire, he could hold and capture Sitha.

While flying with Sitha, the priest who was  Rahwana  met a big bird –Jatayu. Jatayu  flew around the forest and tried to take Sitha from Rahwana’s hand … but to no avail. While searching for  Sitha in the forest,  Rama and Laksamana met the half-dying Jatayu in pain. It told Rama that  Sitha was taken by Rahwana. Finally, Rama released the bird from its suffering.

Rama searched his wife through  Hanoman’s help.  The white monkey met Sitha in Alengka and made Rahwana angry by  damaging Alengka’s palace. There was a battle between  Rama, Laksamana,  Hanoman    against Rahwana and was ended by the death of Rahwana.

This performance was ended by meeting Rama, Laksamana and Hanoman together with Sitha who was accompanied by Trijata.  Then, Trijata was  paired with Hanoman.

The Ramayana Ballet is presented by artists who are actually lecturers collaborating with students  under the Faculty of Religion and Art Education, Hindu Indonesia University.

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