Kumbha means a pitcher and Mela means fair in Sanskrit. The pilgrimage is held for about one and a half months at each of these four places where it is believed in Hinduism that drops of nectar fell from the Kumbha carried by gods after the sea was churned.

Kumbh is being celebrated on every 3rd year at 4 locations and at every 12th year, Maha Kumbh is being celebrated where saints and pilgrims from all over India gather in Allahabad to celebrate the mythological story of Samundra Manthan-churning of the great ocean. Which is believed to have produced a pot bearing Amrit- The nectar of immortality. This Pot of Amrit was carried to the heavens passing through four holy sites that are Prayagraj, Haridwar, Ujjain, and Nasik.

Kumbh 2019 was held at Allahabad from 15th January (Makar Sankranti) to 4th March (Mahashivratri) where confluence of three rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and the invisible Saraswati takes place and revered as “Tirth Raj Prayag or The King of All Pilgrims and Holy Sites” and from all corner of the country and then the world people came in droves and keep coming every 6 years.

Kumbh Nagari Prayag has witnessed its largest gathering ever with 150 million people that is the largest human gathering on the earth

Kumbh Nagari, almost “100 times of the Vatican City” is like a country in itself of larger tents set up having its own hospital, police, force, fire brigade, water, food, electricity supply, sanitation, roads and pontoon bridges and all of this set up takes place in just 4 months.

Some interesting facts about Kumbh 2019-

  • France total population lives in 6,43,801 sq. kms whereas Kumbh Mela held in the area of 32 sq. kms with a visitor of 150 million.
  • 150 million gathered in Kumbh 2019 which made up 10% of China population to attend Prayagraj.
  • Total gathering in kumbh2019 was twice the population of France i.e. 15 crores.
  • People visiting Kumbh 2019 for 45 days was equal to the tourist visited Paris last year.

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