This is the most important pilgrimage site of this district. It can be reached from Pharenda tehsil headquarters at Brijmanganj road by going 0.5 km to 02 km from the road. In ancient times, this place was covered with a thick forest called Adravan. Here the holy temple of Goddess Durga is located on the banks of the ancient river (now Nalla) called Pahh. According to public faith and religious beliefs, this temple of God was established during the Mahabharata period in the time of Pandavas’ Agyaatwaas (anonymous period). The ancient name of this religious place was ‘Adaruna Devi Than’, which is now known as Lehra Devi Temple. According to ancient folk belief, in the Mahabharata, the Pandavas spent most of their time in this narrow ‘Ardravan’. During this period, Arjuna worshipped Vanadevi here. Pleased with his worship, Vanadevi – mother Bhagwati Durga had given Arjuna many unmatched powers. Thereafter, Arjun had established this Shakti Peeth as per the order of Mother Bhagwati. Later, according to another story, the legend of ‘Aadorna Devi’ was born. It is beieved that when a young woman crossing the ‘Pah river’ in a boat, was at the risk of being touched maliciously by the boatman, then the Goddess Mother of Defence itself was manifested, and the boatman was drowned in the same water. The significance of this place is also expressed in this event. At a distance from the temple, an ancient place of worship (hut) is located in a number of boundaries, where many samadhis of saints, who remained associated with this meditation and remained penurious in their lifetime, can be found. Among these, the name of a famous yogi Baba Vanshidhar is still taken with respect by the saints. He has been renowned as a perfect yogi. Harnessing the power of Yoga, he performed many miracles and works of welfare. Many wild animals, influenced by Baba’s power and devotion, remain obsessed with his command. Among them, a lion and a crocodile still become the subject of discussion, which Baba Vanshidhar had converted into vegetarian creatures.

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