This Shrine lies about 300 yards from The Imperial Kushinagar and about 400 yards from the Parinirvana stupa. A black stone image of the Buddha in the bhumi sparsha mudra was recovered here. The last sermon by Lord Buddha was given here. More than furlong south-west of the Main Site, by the side of the road, is the Matha-kuar shrine, wherein is installed a huge statue of Buddha, locally called Matha-kuar. The possible significance of its name has already been referred to. The statue measures 3.05 m in height and is carved out of one block of the blue stone of the Gaya region to represent Buddha seated under the Bodhi tree in a pose known as the bhumisparsa-mudra (‘earth-touching attitude’), which symbolically expresses the supreme moment in Buddha’s life just before his Enlightenment, when he called upon the Earth to bear witness to the pieties performed by him in his previous births.

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