Located about 3 Kms from the Gorakhpur Jn railway station, on Jail road, it is the most beautiful temple of the city. Statues are aesthetically carved and decorated. The whole campus is very neat and clean with a green ambiance. The temple is constructed on a raised platform, above the ground floor. Below this is a big Pravachan Hall (discourse room). The temple is mainly devoted to Lord Krishna and Radha with sanctums of Shiva Parvati and Ram Darbar on either side. On the west side, from where one enters the temple, there are statues of Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar (Bhaiji) who constructed this temple and Geeta Press, Gorakhpur. On the other side is the statue of his wife. On the north side, you’ll see the statues of Lord Ganesh, Hanumanji, and Surya. On the south side, there are sanctums of Goddess Durga, Ram-Sita, and Manmath Sundari. Looking at the walls above you will find the carvings of the Sakhis of Radhaji. When you descend down from the steps of the temple, on the left side there is a small hall, in which 24 hours Sankirtan is sung by the devotees. Just ahead of this room, there is a big covered odium (Natyashala), where many plays related to the life of Radha and Krishna are played at a particular date with great pomp and show. It attracts a big crowd. On the Northern side of the temple is the Samadhi-sthal of Bhaiji (Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar Ji) and small temple devoted to Radha Baba. A great devotee of Radha. This temple reminds one about the temples in Vrindavan.

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