A mystic poet & a well-known saint left his mortal coil here. The great personality taught the lesson of brotherhood after death too. When the town was panic-stricken with the news of the death of the deity, some naughty ailments tried to make it a issue of religious conflict. But the great sole still cared for his people and in the due course of discussion between Hindus & Muslims that he will be buried or burnt, the body disappeared replaced by a heap of flowers. The flowers were then divided into half and Muslims buried it whereas Hindus burnt it. Hindus built Samadhi Mandir at the very place where they burnt their flowers & Muslims made Makbara at the very place where they buried there part of flowers. This unique example of co-existence of Hindu-Muslim harmony and peace is visible today in Maghar. Behind the Samadhi-Makbara there is a cave in which Sant Kabir used to perform his deep ‘Tapasya’. The present façade and shape of the cave is restored by earthwork for about hundred years ago. ‘Kabir-Dhuni’ and ‘Gorakh talaiya’ are located about 1 km away from Samadhi near Kasarwal village on National Highway.

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