River Saraswati is probably the most elusive and mysterious river in the world. It is believed that the river flowed above the ground around 4000 years ago before tectonic activity caused it to seep underground in a case of inland drainage. Today the river is revered as an invisible river that meets the Ganga and the Yamuna at the Triveni Sangam. This river is believed to exist in the spiritual plane, the celestial plane and the plane of the underworld. The river has been called Ambitame – Devitame – Naditame, literally translating into – you are the mother, you are the goddess and you are the river.


Saraswati as a goddess is associated with knowledge, hence being elusive has the purport of elaborating that it is visible only to those who seek. Western philosophers associate the river with the Milky Way, implying that the river provides a course to other worlds, in line with the philosophy of immortality of the soul. The literal meaning of Saraswati is an embodiment of a watery form. The river is divine in its status and continues to be revered even without being seen. To know more about this river and other Sangam rivers, Click Here.

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