The evolution of Hinduism

Hinduism is a predominantly organic religion, which was fed with several philosophies before evolving into the current form. It broadly evolved through four periods before classical Hinduism was born.

Beginning – 1750BCE

Pre Vedic period where several proto religions, including those in the Indus valley civilization, existed independently.

1900BCE – 1700BCE

Called as the Vedic period, this was the time when Indo-Aryan migrations led to an exchange of religious beliefs and philosophies.

800BCE – 200BCE

The intermingling of several philosophies led to an enrichment of the Hindu religion, and the birth of several associated religions, viz. Buddhism and Jainism.

200BCE – 500CE

The early Puranic period coincided with the golden age of Hinduism when the religion gained mass acceptance and patronage under the Gupta empire.

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