Women empowerment through Ramayan, Bangladesh

” SAMPURNA ” —- A  Women’s Journey Of Strength

Date: 12th February 2019, Bharadwaj Stage


In  Ramayana Sita is a symbol of extremely powerful women, who do not only have a firm grip over her own life but also greatly influences events and personalities with her strong convictions and ideas. Ramayana is not a story of Ram. It is the story of Ram’s relationship with Sita and through her his relationship with the humans of Ayodhya.

Who was Sita? What can we learn from her? Have we misunderstood her all these years? What Sita’s life can teach us about our own womankind, our femininity, and feminism?

Most women would find many resonances with various life events of Sita. Sometimes these insightful references would guide today’s women to take decisions in their daily life. You would be amazed at the fact that a story is as old as human still echoes and pathos of all womankind. We do face the similar dilemmas in our lives what she felt thousands of years ago.

Can you imagine how deeply rooted our conditioning would be and probably this is what makes it very difficult for us to change them? Sita’s own luminous strength determines her identity and self-respect. It was not her weakness rather an inner strength of womanhood and self-respect that made her choose the path of sacrifice. She had immense reserves of inner strength which reflect in her patience, forgiveness, and love for Ram.

Despite endless questions Sita faced and that led to sufferings, Sita strongly faced any situation that comes across becomes a common ordeal for any women to do the same. As every day the litmus test was conducted and she had to prove the test.

Sita did not see herself as a victim. She was a superior human soul, silently suffering and enduring patience like that of Earth itself made her touchstone of morality. Sita is the portrayal of all womanhood and reflection of the heart of every woman of this planet.

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